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This morning I got to meet in person my second sponsored rider Maisy Elliot and the gorgeous Havana.

17 yr old Maisy is a super keen and talented event rider and has produced 9 yr old Havana herself and so far taken her to BE Novice level.

Unfortunately, last year a veterinary work up/investigation due to a loss of performance highlighted that Havana had Kissing Spine. Surgery was undertaken in September with both the bone shave and ligament snip required. Following veterinary advice on her rehabilitation, Havana has now returned to ridden work with a return to competition planned this year.

Our first bodywork session has shown areas of compensation throughout Havana’s body that will need addressing. Also some areas of tension/weakness that can be improved, especially with the groundwork sessions that are part of Maisy’s sponsorship package for 2022.

Follow Maisy and Havana’s journey this year on Meadowbrooks Facebook page






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