Level 3 Diploma in Equine Sports & Rehabilitation Massage

Accredited with Rural Skills

Whether you want to pursue a career as an equine therapist or would like the knowledge to effectively treat your own horses, Meadowbrook Academy’s sports massage diploma is the ideal choice. Our Diploma in Equine Sports Massage and Rehabilitation Therapy course will give you all the knowledge, skills and confidence you need to effectively reduce discomfort and improve performance. Our comprehensive e-learning program will give you a suitably in-depth understanding of equine anatomy, but more importantly, you’ll learn how to apply that knowledge in a real-world setting during 4+ hands-on, highly interactive practical days.

We pride ourselves on offering what we feel to be the most in depth equine sports massage course currently in the UK. The course considers detailed equine anatomy and considerable time spent looking at how the horse moves and developing your ability to see any gait restrictions present. You will gain skills to recognise how the various muscle groups may be contributing to those restrictions, and subsequently how your massage skills can effectively help to reduce them. The course is so much more than just learning the basic massage moves, we ensure you graduate from the Academy being the best you can be,

The Course Content

The course is in modular format, consisting of 6 detailed modules. It covers functional equine anatomy and physiology, massage techniques and palpation skills, gait analysis, rehabilitation and injury, stretching techniques, professional skills and business management. 

For both study pathways, provided all assessments are passed you will graduate from The Academy after your final practical day, as a qualified Equine Sports Massage Therapist 

The Course Format Options

We offer 2 study formats:

The 6 e-learning modules can be completed at your own pace plus we offer two flexible options for the practical component, a 5-day midweek intensive, or a consolidated option where you’ll complete 4 days over two weekends.

1. The Consolidated (Weekend) Pathway - A mixture of online learning, plus 4 extended practical days, consisting of 2 weekend attendances at The Academy, both to be within the same month. 

2. The Intensive Pathway - You will have access to the entire online learning portal as soon as you enrol, to allow you to make a head start with your learning. Depending on your circumstances, we do recommend that you have at least one clear month to complete the online learning and work through the assessments, which must be completed and passed before you attend your intensive week at The Academy.


The entire syllabus will then be delivered and assessed within your 5 day attendance at the Academy.  Please note some evening home study is expected during this week.

The next available course dates are:

8/11 - 12/11/2021 - Intensive 5 Day Course

10/1 - 14/1/2022 - Intensive 5 Day Course

28/2 - 4/3/2022 - Intensive 5 Day Course

29/30 January & 12/13 February - Weekend Pathway 

The Course Assessment

The course is assessed in the following ways:

• 5 Modular summative online assessments
• Written multiple choice theory exam 75% Pass Mark
• Practical assessment 75% Pass Mark

The practical assessment will take the form of a full treatment session, including initial observations, a full treatment of just one side of the horse, stretching recommendations and advice on after care. This will last up to 45 minutes.

All assessments must be passed before a final grade and certification will be awarded.
Merit – Graded 75-85%
Distinction – 86% or above

Entry Requirements

You must be 18 or over and be confident in handling a variety of types of horses.

Course Fees

Both pathway options are at a cost of £1250 which includes all assessment fees, and one free resit for both written and practical assessments if required.