Equine Sports Massage

Equine Sports Massage is the therapeutic application of professional massage techniques used on the horse. The benefits & effects are shown to have profound outcomes on these great athletes, keeping the muscles soft, supple and working correctly. A thorough understanding of anatomy and the interactions of bones, joints and muscles are the basis of this proven physical & mental therapy that is the art of massage. A masseur looks at the horse as a whole & attempts to consider all the possible effects of any tension, while interpreting a horse’s reactions & expressions.

Sports Massage Therapy is the application of a variety of massage techniques in order to increase health of the horse and performance, endurance, fitness, well-being & prevention / recovery of injury.


What happens during a Meadowbrook Massage?

An initial consultation will last around 1 hour 15 minutes, during which time we will discuss any concerns you may have about your horse, and will carry out an initial assessment of the horse (this will include watching him ridden / lunged /trotted up as appropriate)  noting any abnormalities, tension, stiffness, or tenderness and take a detailed case history. We will then massage the entire horse concentrating on the identified problem areas, using a variety of appropriate techniques.

After treating the horse in a quiet calm atmosphere, you will then be provided with comprehensive feed back and advised on management and care.

Follow up visits usually last approximately 1 hour.

If you plan on riding your horse on the day of our visit, it is usually best to do so before the massage. 

Avoid riding immediately after massage as the horse's muscles may be in a vulnerable condition immediately afterwards. We will advise the type and amount of  work in the days following massage but this is dependent on findings on the day. 

If possible and practical, turn your horse out as soon as possible after the massage, this will allow further time to relax and the muscles to gently settle into their new alignment.


The benefits of massage

During a treatment we use a variety of types of massage stroke, dependent on your horses needs. We also incorporate trigger point release techniques, myo-fascial release and elements of cranio-sacral therapy where appropraite.

Some of the benefits of massage

Increased flexibility and joint movement.
Improved co-ordination and stride length.
Increased circulation.
Stress reduction.
Relaxation and comfort.
Increased rate of healing.
Decrease post-exercise muscle soreness.
Help prevent muscle strain & injury.

Signs your horse may benefit from a massage

A sudden dislike of being groomed or girthiness.
A preference for work on one rein.
Lateral stiffness.
Reluctance to canter on one lead.
High head carriage and/or dipped back.
Head tilting or unusual tail carriage.
Unusual 'misbehaviour' when ridden.