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A really lovely second session this morning with Meadowbrook’s Sponsored Rider Stacey Derbyshire and the gorgeous Curry.

Following the initial visit, Stacey has being working hard with Curry on the in hand groundwork exercises that I recommended and I can say that there has been a noticeable improvement, especially in his posture as you can see from the pictures below (1st pic pre sponsorship/2nd pic from this morning)

Curry seems happier to stand with his forelimbs less “camped under” and with less tension throughout his neck and shoulders, allowing for a longer and more relaxed frame. There is also improvement in the hind limbs with more of a slope from hock to stifle. As you can see from the first picture, the top of Curry’s pelvis (tuber sacrale) is higher than the withers, whereas in the second picture, the withers are higher with a far more neutral pelvic position.

To follow Stacey and Curry’s progress throughout the year, you can keep up to date on the Meadowbrook Facebook page or look out for the latest blog on the Meadowbrook website #meadowbrook_equine_therapy #equinerehab #equinebodywork #equinesportsmassage #likesforlike #likeforlikes #followforfollowback

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