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Stacey Derbyshire & Curry

Stacey has owned Curry for almost 5 years now. He was an impulse buy as Stacey was adamant that she wasn't purchasing another horse!! However, after seeing his advert and going to view him, she fell in love, took the plunge and bought him. 

Stacey describes Curry's personality as complex, and after taking a little while to settle in his new home, they both began to have lessons and attend competitions, unfortunately, it became apparent fairly quickly that Curry was having issues and after thorough veterinary investigations, it was found that Curry had Navicular in both front feet. Following veterinary advice, it was recommended that remedial shoeing and steroid injections into the navicular bursa were the way forward. Some improvement was noted initially, but unfortunately, Curry didn't seem to cope with the shoeing and a decision was made to remove the shoes and try the barefoot route. Since this change of direction, Curry has returned to a level of work, he has attended fun rides and some dressage competitions. 

The navicular syndrome has unfortunately caused quite a lot of compensations throughout Curry's body which we will be addressing over the course of the 12 months sponsorship. 

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Maisy Elliot & Havana

17year old Maisy is an avid competitor within the eventing world, and is also a keen pony club member. 

Maisy has competed her horse Havana up to Novice level and has hopes of selection for youth teams. 

Unfortunately, last year, Havana was diagnosed with kissing spine and following both ligament snip and bone shave has undergone her rehabilitation and made a return to work and competition this February. 

Maisy is keen to help Havana by providing the best of care and treatment available to her, and as a sponsored rider, will be supported throughout the year with both equine sports massage and a programme of rehabilitation groundwork to keep her in the best condition possible. 

Christina and Boo.jpg

Christina Pierce & Boo

Christina owns the lovely Boo, an 18yr old TBx mare, both of Christina's daughters used to compete Boo in low level dressage but unfortunately 9 months ago, Boo went lame behind and following investigations, it was found that there was significant damage to the Manica Flexoria and annular ligaments of both the near and off hinds which would require surgery. 

Thankfully, the surgery was successful and Boo is making excellent progress with her rehabilitation.